Starting A New Chapter

Chrome Divas are a ladies only motorcycle group, consisting of both riders and passengers and even some non-riding women. With over 31 chapters all over the US and Canada, we are a sisterhood of incredible women sharing common interests of motorcycling and community involvement. In addition to information below these links may be helpful. 

New Chapter Policy - Read first             

Requirements For Starting A Chapter
  • You must be a registered Chrome Diva member before requesting to start a chapter. 
  • You must be a woman motorcycle enthusiast eighteen or older.
  • Each of the four members listed on the request form must agree in writing to the new chapter policy of the organization found in the New Chapter Handbook.
  • Select a Chapter name and an alternative. An acceptable chapter name should be a city or locale name and not encompass broad areas such as Southern Wisconsin or NW Duval County. County, State or Providence names are not acceptable.
  • You must have 4 (including yourself) registered Chrome Divas to join the chapter before submitting a new chapter request. If you are a current chapter member, please notify the chapter Director in writing of your intentions with a copy to the National Director prior to submitting request.

Steps to Getting Started
  • After complying with the requirements above, fill out and submit the request to start a new chapter (link below).
  • The Regional Director will make contact with any questions and proceed with the approval process. 
  • Upon approval, a PayPal invoice will be sent requesting payment of the  $100 new chapter registration fee. 
  • After payment is received, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to set up your chapter's web site.
  • Review the National By-laws, Chapter Handbook and Chapter Policy to familiarize yourself with our organization. 
  • Review the sample chapter bylaws, hold your first meeting, elect officers and adopt chapter bylaws. See New Chapter Handbook for guidance.
  • Chapters are expected to participate in at least one charity event in their community each year. 
  • Chapters are required to keep their Chapter web page updated and current.

New Chapters Receive:
  • Chapter Page and advanced features to stay connected with other chapter directors.
  • Welcome package with Chrome Diva patches and other materials ($75 Retail Value).
  • Support from Regional Director and Board of Directors.
Click Here to Fill out the Request Form